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Chalazion, bump on eyelid

Dry eye, the office worker

Dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction

Chalazion, bump on eyelid

Dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction, graphic designer

Dry eye, post lasik

Dry eye, the student

Dry eye, the airplane traveler

Dr. Krywko explains why use the Heated Eye Pad

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Ginette Roberts
Thank you
Dear Mr Devine; I have been using your Heated Eye Pad daily for over a year to treat dry eye. It works reliably "First Time Every Time" and is extremely effective supporting the eye treatment regime prescribed by my physician. A little belated, but I wish to thank you and your team for the help and courtesy extended to me when I purchase the Heated Eye Pad. Without hesitation I can recommend using the Heated Eye Pad to anyone who is in need of applying heat treatment to their eyes. Again thank you and wishing you all the very best, Yours Truly Ginette Roberts 

Mr. John Devine 
RE: Blepharitis Treatment Mask 
Dear John, 

Since our first conversations, I was excited about the prospect of finally finding a viable treatment option for those of us who suffer from the symptoms of Blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelidleyelash caused by blocked oil glands. I was very excited to receive your Heated Eyelid mask prototype, and finally find relief from my uncomfortable condition. The only "acceptedlrecommended" treatment to keep Blepharitis under control is the regime of daily warm compresses for good lid hygiene in order to reduce the oil gland blockage. 

I have used your system for quite a few months now, I am extremely satisfied with the results, and ease of use. The Heated Eyelid mask provides soothing heat for any length of time you choose to wear it. Unlike warm compresses that cool down very quickly and requires extensive lengths of time to accomplish, in just 10 minutes the Heated Eyelid mask loosens the oil blocked glands, I am then able to clean my eyelashesleyelids with a warm wash cloth and "no tears" body wash. 

Anyone who suffers from Blepharitis, or other eye conditions, knows the available warm compresslwashcloth options to promote lid hygiene are messy, inconvenient, and ineffectual. Your system involves a small eye mask which is heated via a thin detachable electrical cord, much like an electric heating pad used to treat sore or strained muscles. The mask is smaller in size than swim goggles, has an adjustable thin strap to hold it securely to your head, is comfortable, soothing and most important really works. I have had no reoccurrence since I received the Heated Eyelid mask despite numerous flair ups in the preceding years. 

highly recommend this product to the others who suffer from Blepharitis or other eye conditions requiring warm compresses as a treatment. 

I wish you the best of luck as you pursue the production and marketing of the Heated Eyelid treatment mask to the medical community. Health practitioners have a wonderful opportunity to provide their patients suffering from Blepharitis with this simple, soothing treatment mask in their quest to reduce andlor eliminate the chronic inflammation associated with this common malady. 

Kevin Holzmeister

As a sufferer of dry-eye, I have been looking for a solution and this is it.  I have been using the heated eye pad for a few weeks and it has changed my life.  I had been going through several bottles of eye drops every month, but not anymore.  Also, an added benefit is that I work at a computer all day and it's nice to go home and plug in the heated eye pad and relax!  Thank you for making a difference!

Laura Franklin 

The first time I had stye eye, I was only 7 years old. I ended up having a eyelid surgery: a small incision on the outer surface of the eyelid, then drain the pus out of the gland. It wasn't pleasant memory. After that I kept getting stye repeatedly, don't know why. Over the years I learned warm compress at the early stage is the best way to treat it. But I was never able to find a ideal product until I heard about this heated eye pad. It's convenient, no water, no mess, just plug in. And it's effective! My early stage stye symptom normally disappears after 1-2 time usage. Other than treating for my stye eye, I also use it to relax my eyes after several hours of staring at computer, I plug it in to my computer usb hub, wear it for 20 mins, my eyes feel fresh and relaxed. I'd recommend this to anyone who has eyelid issues, or someone who sits in front of computer all day long.

Yang Cao -- Austin Texas