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Chalazion, Bump on Eyelid

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“The first time I had a stye eye, I was only 7 years old. Over the years I learned a warm compress at the early stage is the best way to treat it. But I was never able to find an ideal product until I hear about the heated eye pad. I’d recommend this to anyone who has eyelid issues, or someone who sits in front of the computer all day long.”
Thank You, Y. Cao

Dry Eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Dr. Krywko Explains Why Use the Heated Eye Pad

Dry Eye, Post Lasik

I have loved what the Scorpion 1-Touch has done for clinical treatment!  The 110-degree heat applied to the meibomian glands in the clinical setting produces results that have been second to none.  It is in a class all by itself and the ease of application makes it a task that anyone in the office can replicate.  Patients love the lasting effects of the treatment and many enjoy coming in and having the quick 10-minute personalize treatment by the staff.  We have created a process that is beginning to generate more conversation within the community about our Dry Eye treatment process.  The Scorpion has brought real heat to dry eye treatments and is making a huge difference in the way we treat meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye patients!

Dr. Wesley Mayes, Optometrist, Mills Eye and Facial Surgery,

Dry Eye, the Airplane Traveler

Dr. Krywko Explains Why Use the Heated Eye Pad

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“As a sufferer of dry-eye I have been looking for a solution and this is it. I had been going through several bottles of eye drops every month, but not anymore. Also an added benefit is that I work at a computer all day and it’s nice to go home and plug in the heated eye pad and relax!”  

Thank you for making a difference, L. Franklin

Chalazion, Bump on Eyelid

Dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Graphic Designer

“I have been using your Heated Eye Pad daily for over a year to treat dry eye. It works reliably “First Time Every Time” and is extremely effective supporting the eye treatment regime prescribed by my physician". 

Yours Truly, G. Roberts

Dry Eye, the Student

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Dry Eye, the Office Worker

“I have had no recurrence (Blepharitis)  since I received the Heated Eyelid mask despite numerous flair ups in the preceding years.”      

Sincerely, K. Holzmeiste