Platinum Eyelid Wipes for Hygienic Care of the eyelids, eyelid margins and eyelashes:

  • Rinse free
  • Textured with proprietary embossing technology
  • Effectively cleanses the eyelids and lashes of ocular secretions, crusted matter, scales and make-up in one easy action
  • Ophthalmologically tested.  (Medical providers, contact us for our proprietary studies)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjusted to the pH of tears
  • Suitable for contact lens users
  • Does not contain potentially irritating colors, dyes or fragrances

For the medical practice, your cost is what you pay from your current for details.

Digital Heat, UL Certified Power Bank


Make your Heated Eye Pad mobile with our UL Certified Power Bank

A full charge will provide over 4 hours of usage

Includes a Micro USB Charging cable

Micro USB recharge port
USB Output Port

Red light:  The red light will flash as the Portable Charger is Charging, and will stay red when fully charged.

Blue light:  The blue light is on when using your Heated Eye Pad.

Digital Heat Platinum Eyelid Wipes

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FLIR One Pro, Digital Heat

Digital Heat Inc.

#1 Maker of precision designed eyelid heaters


A thermal imaging camera attachment for the Heated Eye Pad. It can be used by a doctor during treatment for many purposes:

  • Verify thermal treatment area
  • Record Thermal + Visual result
  • Demonstrate for patient

​We are an authorized FLIR Partner, with full warranty and price match protection.